My wishlist for my bike commute

by hhf3

I commute to work via bike pretty much every day that it is feasible; that is, if the weather’s okay and I don’t have some early meeting or something going on directly after work, I’m on my bike Jay cruising in to the office. This much bike commuting is a lot of fun but there are a few things for which I wish to make it even better.

1) An iron at work. One of the trickiest things about my bike commute is figuring out not only what I am going to wear at work, but how I’m going to get it there. I have practice at this from having to go directly from swim practice to work during summers at home, but it doesn’t change the fact that a lot of my clothes require ironing. Rolling or neatly folding only goes so far. Jersey dresses and anything that survives being packed well are favorites of mine, but I only have so much of that. Hence, an iron. Or a steamer. Or both! I can’t claim credit for this idea, but it’s on my wishlist anyways.
2) An insulated bag for the rack on my bike. Seriously, why hasn’t this been invented yet?! They already look like soft-sided coolers, why not actually make one? I have a Chrome messenger bag that fits every last thing I need for the day except for a lunch. I essentially bought a rack bag solely to store my insulated lunchbox. I do not regret that purchase, but it would be nice to carry even just a little bit less weight.
3) A way to listen to music. Certainly I could wear my iPod, but I also need to be able to hear traffic. It’d be sweet if they could make a handlebar mount for one’s iPod with little speakers, or perhaps wireless headphones that still allow the sound of traffic with the handlebar iPod mount.
A girl can dream, right?