Live free or drive. Sorta.

by hhf3

I miss my bike, Jay. Where did it go? you might be wondering. Nowhere.

That’s the point. It’s been an awfully rainy week here by the shores of Lake Erie, and I haven’t been able to bike commute. I have fenders on Jay and water-proof bags, but I haven’t a waterproof cycling jacket nor a hat with a brim for under my helmet. I also have an enormous hill to descend on the way there that requires quite a bit of braking of which my steel-rimmed wheels are not up to par. So, for the past few days I’ve been riding the train downtown. I love the train, don’t get me wrong, and I love the occasional “day off” from the saddle, but three days of cold rain?!

So there Jay sits, in my living room, getting a little dusty, while every morning I scrounge up 8 quarters for transit fare. I’m a huge proponent of public transit, but at the same time, I appreciate the flexibility of not having to line up my life according to the train & bus schedules & routes. Being unable to afford a car, this leaves me with my bike(s), which is fine most of the time. For odd trips that require a car, I have a membership to a car-share program. I am realizing, however, that cycling is my favorite mode of transportation. It’s not ideal for everything, obviously, but I’ve made it work quite well for commuting (with cooperating weather, of course). I love the freedom and the perspective. Missing my bike is proof. I’m not anti-car, I’m pro-bike.