Bringing the sunshine home

by hhf3

I arrived home Saturday afternoon around 2pm, after a somewhat strange train ride. Basically, I got kicked out my seat quite rudely by some Amish. Maybe I am mistaken, but aren’t they supposed to be known for their friendliness? Except for that, I was lucky to be able to mostly keep to myself. I had downloaded some excellent world music albums from Amazon (seriously, check out their extensive free music offerings), and read most of The Shack, until the deep religious themes got too overwhelming. The last bit of the trip is incredibly scenic along the Mohawk River with its mostly pristine shores and old towns and all the locks. 

Apparently the weather here in NY this summer has been rainy, rainy, and… rainy. So far it appears I brought the sunshine with me, as it has been warm and sunny since I arrived. Here’s to hoping I can bring it with me to Lake Placid for Amy’s Ironman. Even us volunteers were miserable in that pouring rain last year, let alone the athletes.