Pre-race preparations

by hhf3

I had a million things to do today to get ready for this race: 

  • One last micro-workout (15 mins on bike, 15 mins jog with one 20 yard surge to make sure my legs were still there). 
  • Pick up the race packet (train trip downtown and then sat through course director’s meeting)
  • Fill inhaler prescription
  • Find a cycling jacket (weather forecast is looking iffy) and bar end plugs. Ended up buying a bento box, too (best idea EVER).
  • Buy some duct tape to make sure bar end plugs stay in, this will be my third set for this roll of bar tape!! 
  • Buy Immodium. I’m feeling fine, but you never know what will happen during a race…
  • Strip down all the commuter accoutrements off my bike. Not that they add a lot of weight or anything, but my touring bike with its fenders and headlights already looks a little silly for a triathlon. Leaving a bell on won’t help. 🙂
  • Pack the saddle and bento bags.
  • Assemble a new pair of goggles (note to self: don’t leave goggles at the gym). 
  • Pack all the other stuff for the race. Thank goodness I brought my old Speedo backpack, because that thing is HUGE. Good thing it’s almost full. I just want to make sure I have everything, because I’m not sure what the weather is going to do. 
I also had some other miscellaneous errands unrelated to the triathlon like dropping a dress to be repaired at the tailor’s and buying a gift for my friend who watched my plants while I was away. Thank goodness, because I feel like if I had time to sit and think I’d start pscyhing myself out. 
I can’t believe it’s here. I’ve had the goal of completing a triathlon for over a year now, and have been training for it since this past fall. I don’t know if I will enjoy or what I will do next (though I have some ideas), but nonetheless, tomorrow is a day to enjoy. Even if it starts at 7:10am by swimming through that nasty water.