Half mary

by hhf3

I think I’ve found my next goal: a half marathon. Why a half mary? When thoughts like “13.1” and “half-mary” and “remember that time you ran 12 miles?” keep popping into one’s head, at some point, one has to listen. I haven’t officially signed up for anything yet, nor I am solid on whether I even want to do it, but there’s a nice race about halfway between Cleveland and Akron in some parkland in October that sounds very tempting. The race would be about six weeks away, but I am confident I could at least finish. Plus I think I’ve roped a friend into doing it as well!

Having no real idea on how to train for a 13.1 mile race, I consulted the Half Marathon Special article in the August ’09 Runner’s World. I have a very nice co-worker who lets me read her copies after she is finished with it! In the magazine, there’s a beginner’s half marathon plan. It seems quite doable, if we start with week 4 on this coming Monday, and with a few modifications. Namely, to sub out one of the XT workouts or the Monday run with interval training of some type. Surges, tempo runs, fartleks, etc., on the track. I am reserving at least one XT workout for swimming!
I did the 7 mile conversational pace run from week 3 today. Lesson learned: fuel properly BEFORE a run. I bonked a mere 20 minutes into the run and had to eat my emergency gel and walk a little. That managed to reverse it because about 10 minutes later I felt perfectly fine and finished the rest of the run without a problem except for stumbling after tripping over an uneven sidewalk slab. My inner-ring suburb is old enough to have slate sidewalks, which don’t always lie perfectly flat!