Sidelined: Starting the aging process young

by hhf3

Remember a few posts ago when I decided I was interested I was interested in running a half-mary? Well, I guess I won’t be after all. I’ve been having a weird hip problem recently; the past few days it’s kinda blown up and now it hurts to walk or sit. Ridiculous. I must be the youngest person I know to have a bum hip! I’m off to the school health clinic tomorrow to see what’s up. Being a poor graduate student on a very limited budget and one without a car (I have to walk a lot), this could get iffy. But, it is what it is, and I have to play the hand I was dealt. Needless to say, I’m a little sad to give up the half-mary goal. The registration is due tomorrow and I just don’t know whether I’ll be okay to run in October.

Today, despite the achy hip, my roommate and I went to a Fleet Feet store. All I have to say is: wow. After measuring my feet, looking at my walking gait, a quick discussion of what I do for running, and a glance at my old shoes, the salesman brought out 3 pairs of shoes, all of which fit perfectly and were comfortable. I’m sure they have some kind of formula or something, but to me it was like magic. Buying running shoes by oneself is a daunting process. Apparently, my last pair of shoes (which I purchased on advice from Amy) were pretty good, but I needed even just a little bit more support. The ones I ended up getting were Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9 in a cool slate blue and white color scheme. Interestingly enough, I had gone up half a size since last summer. Guess all the standing at my old retail job combined with all this running had an effect! My shoes also came with one of those metal waterbottles so trendy right now. I am so excited to run in my new kicks. But, alas, no dice until my hip stops hurting.