Friday 5: Body Image

by hhf3

A day late, again. This time I have a good excuse: I was staffing a conference entitled From Rust Belt to Artist Belt on the west side of the CLE all day and spent the evening at a gallery opening. Look at me, being all artsy and hipster-ish. Anyways, this week’s came from LJ’s Friday 5 instead.

1. If there was one thing about your body you could change, what would it be? That it wouldn’t fall apart all the time. I mean, seriously, is it possible for me to make it through a semester without an injury or illness?
2. Would you rather lose 10lbs or 10 points off your IQ? 10lbs, I guess, b/c I need every ounce of intelligence my brain can eke out.
3. When you look in the mirror, are you happy with what you see? Not today, I look like I haven’t gotten much sleep lately. Oh wait, I haven’t. Silly conference taking over my life. 🙂
4. Have you ever dyed your hair? Never!
5. How often do you weigh yourself? Maybe once a month? I guess I pay attention more to how I feel and less to a number.