Friday 5: Career Choices

by hhf3

Five questions on a Friday eve. Early for once! From the LJ one. How appropriate that this Friday’s be a career-related question, just after we our college’s career coordinator speak at our student organization. One surprising thing I learned: in urban planning your resume can be two pages. Who knew?

1. What did you dream of being when you were a little child? I think when I “graduated” from nursery school I said I wanted to be a mommy. Of course, pretty much every other girl in my class said the same, so I might have just been going with the flow. Heck, maybe someday (in the very, very distant future) I will become a mommy and my apparent childhood dream will be realized.
2. What did you think you might become when you were between the ages of 12-13? Architect. I used to draw blueprints for fun. Seriously, who does that? And my dollhouse was m favorite toy, and I imagined that my room was a whole city around my dollhouse (albeit a walled one). Future urban planner much?
3. What career choices did you consider as a young adult? Civil or aero engineering. Then I discovered urban planning for a high school social studies project and knew that was it.
4. Did you follow along one of the career paths you considered? Urban Planning!
5. Have you changed careers since then? Was it by choice or necessity? No, I’m in planning school now. My concentration or focus within urban planning will change. Neighborhood planning is growing on me. Economic development and urban design are still two major interests of mine. Bike/ped planning and park planning are obvious interests. Freight planning, while a subset of transportation planning (albeit a super tiny one), is a field in its infancy, and that attracts me, along with the associated economic development implications. Basically I just want to fix up a city but I’m not sure how I will be going about that.

This is not to say I haven’t occasionally considered other career options like, say, nursing. But urban planning just seems right to me.