Extra shiny forks: Update after the crash

by hhf3

It is due time for an update after my lil run-in with the hood of a cop car on Thursday morning. I’ll start with the boring part (me) and get on to the exciting part (my bike).

The bruises are coming along quite nicely. For someone who very rarely bruises, this is weird to look at my legs and see purplish-blueish-yellowish splotches all over. The only cuts I had were tiny ones from my big ring, and those are almost healed. I now understand the point of chainguards! My neck is far less sore, and my abs/middle are also much less sore. So I am healing quite nicely. I have been rather cautious using crosswalks, though… haha.
Now on to Jay, my bike. Dropped it off yesterday at my LBS. Ended up needing a new fork and new bar tape, wheels to be trued, one of the fender arms needed to be straightened, and one of the brake levers was knocked a little bit loose. The new fork is lugged steel and finished in chrome, which looks very nice next to the chrome fenders. I was worried it would look garish, but it worked out okay. I’m hoping Cleveland’s finest will be paying for the repairs! I think it will be a few days before I’ll be riding again, and I’m already excited.
In other news, Google says it will add bicycling to it’s maps, and stay tuned for an interview with Ironman World Championship (Kona, Hawaii) finisher Amy!