An open letter to midterms and my readers

by hhf3

Dear midterms,

I know I’m 2/3rds done with you, but I’d like to talk.
First, what is up with you being so difficult this year? And time-consuming? I was not aware take-home exams would actually take that much more time than a paper or studying. Quelle surprise pour moi!
Secondly, can you stop making my classmates so panicky? I’d probably be done with you faster if I didn’t have to take time to assuage fellow classmates’ concerns.
Okay, that’s it. Thanks for reading, dearest midterms. I know that you will be nothing but kind and friendly to me from here on out.
Dear readers,
Stay tuned for Amy’s interview, post Kona. Also, am thinking about adding a weekly bike/urban/cool links post, distilling the best Twitter/Planetizen/etc. has to offer.