Hot stuff: trying out hot yoga

by hhf3

Hot Yoga Saratoga

My longest friend Amy (longest as in length of time I’ve known her, sorry, you’re just not my tallest friend!) is home, too, over the holidays. She’s been into hot yoga lately, I’ve been into regular yoga over the past year, so we decided to check out a local hot yoga studio in Saratoga. We went twice: Boxing Day and today.

The yoga practice on Boxing Day was Bikram yoga. I’ve never done Bikram before, let alone in a 90 degree room for an hour and a half! I was soaked through by the end: they definitely weren’t kidding about the hot part. It was great: I could touch my toes with relative ease. Bikram is definitely a challenge for me; it’s more strength-based than I am used to.

Today’s practice was Vinyasa yoga, which is what we’ve been doing for the past year at work. We have a yoga teacher come in on Mondays for an hour long lunchtime practice. It is always one of the highlights of my week, so I was happy to try it hot-style. Today’s practice was easier for me: didn’t quite get as sweaty and didn’t have to sit out any poses (except the one I can’t do, where you hold your leg out in front of you). I am definitely a fan of hot yoga, and might look into finding a studio when I get back to Cleveland. I’d like to do yoga more than once a week this upcoming spring. Cycling leaves me with tight muscles (not as bad as running!) so I want to be as loose and flexible as possible before Bike & Build, and hot yoga definitely helps with that. The one run I did this past weekend I was able to run faster than I would normally after being sick, so I am sold! Plus, yoga is great mentally, too.

If you’re ever in Saratoga, NY, I highly recommend Hot Yoga Saratoga. Great studio!