Twenty ten

by hhf3

I ended 2009 with a stomach ache and a bed time of around 10pm. An auspicious end to what honestly was not the best year ever for me.

Great beginning to 2010, though. Woke up feeling pretty much all better, went to the YMCA with my mother, and had a great workout. I rode the spinning bike for 40 minutes; usually I’m not the biggest fan of spinning bikes, but I actually enjoyed myself, and without having an instructor! Ate an enormous lunch after, and then my parents and I went to LL Bean’s to return a Christmas present, and I ended up getting a good deal on a Camelbak for Bike & Build. It’s this one, in tan and brown. Probably not my top color choice, but when it’s discounted by nearly 20$, you take whatever color you can get!

Now I’m back in Cleveland after those lovely two weeks at home. Was welcomed back by -2 windchill and blowing snow, which was exactly what I left from. I love winter, but seriously?? As my friend Miss JF says, it is “permachill” from here on out. Brr.

I guess this is the part where I should lay out my goals or resolutions or whatever you call it for the new year. Being a student, this doesn’t make much sense for me, so I’m going to go for three time periods: now until I graduate, graduation until Bike & Build arrives in Vancouver, and um, the rest of my life??? Going backwards, I see no point in making goals for the rest of my life because I have no idea what I’m doing after August 29. The whole of Bike & Build is pretty much laid out for me, so I guess my goal there is to finish. As for the semester, however, that is something that is worthy of some goals:

  1. Graduate.
  2. Bike a lot.
  3. Don’t bite off more than I chew.
  4. Graduate.
  5. Eat at a Michael Symon resturant.
  6. Learn to spell restaurant.
  7. Graduate.
  8. Raise $4,000 for Bike & Build/affordable housing.
  9. Graduate.

I realize #5 is more apropos to be on some sort of Cleveland bucket list or something, but that’s what you’re going to get. Here we gooo!!! Last semester… EVER.