This Old Apartment Building

by hhf3

One of my courses for this final (!) semester is Historic Preservation. We have two assignments, one is a project done in pairs where we research a historic district in Cleveland. I’ll be doing Hessler Road with my friend Adam. Our other project, done individually, is to write a paper mimicking the National Register for Historic Places application. I wasn’t a fan of writing a fake application, so I asked around to see if there were any buildings whose owners were looking to have someone fill out the application on their behalf: a real project. My boss at my internship in Lakewood directed me to an architect on their Heritage Advisory Board, and I am now working on the application for this apartment building:

Apologies for the ‘taken-with-my-cell-phone-through-a-car-windshield’ picture, but I am sans-digital camera at the moment. This beautiful Tudor apartment building is in the Gold Coast neighborhood in Lakewood, Ohio (just to the west of Cleveland, for my non-familiar-with-the-CLE readers). I don’t know too much about it yet, but I can’t wait to research it! If you’d like to see the building for yourself, it’s 12065 Edgewater Drive.


Here’s a beautiful picture from the Cleveland Memory project:

Edgewater-Cove Apartments

Source: Cleveland Memory Project